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Volunteering for the Chino Police Department is a perfect opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the law enforcement profession, explore career options, get to know your local Police Department and give back to the community.  There are many volunteer programs available to suit your individual interests.

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Testing Process

The volunteer hiring processes vary from program to program but may include: application, interview, background investigation and polygraph examination. 

Assignments Available:

(please note all classifications listed below are non-paid volunteer positions)

  • Police Explorer Program – The Chino Police Explorer Post 211 program is designed to give young persons from the age of 14-20 an inside look into the exciting and challenging career of Law Enforcement.  Our program is intense and challenging, both mentally and physically. We believe that if we are truly going to give you a fair and honest example of what Law Enforcement represents, we must stress the importance of every aspect of what police work requires on a continual basis. It is overseen by a team of experienced and dedicated Police personnel that have had the opportunity to watch several of its members achieve highly successful careers in the field of Law Enforcement.  Prospective applicants must attend an orientation which is held the first Tuesday of every Quarter (2020 dates: January 7th, April 7th, July 7th, October 6th) from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Chino Police Department.  Professional attire is required.  For more information on how to join the Police Explorer program contact Officer Samara Scott, Explorer Advisor at


  • Volunteer Internship Program - must be enrolled in college level coursework.  Volunteer Interns assist the Police Department in coordinating various proactive crime prevention programs and community policing related work as assigned.  These tasks may include assisting with the planning and implementation of programs, events and presentations, office assistance and utilization of various crime prevention resources to address crime related issues.  Applicants must have good working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint as well as have the ability to maintain multiple software databases.  All eligible applicants must submit an application with proof of enrollment in respective educational program, pass an oral interview and complete a thorough background investigation prior to the start of the program.  For more information contact Tricia Dinkle, Crime Prevention Supervisor at


  • Mounted Posse - The Chino Mounted Posse is a volunteer non-profit Community Service Organization. It is completely self-supported through donations and fundraisers. The Posse is committed to providing aid and assistance to the Chino community. The men and women of the Posse attend City functions as well as other outside activities. The membership is an equestrian unit composed of civilian volunteers and sworn Officers, trained to assist in emergency situations and perform special mounted services as directed by the Chino Police Department.  Prospective members must be 21 years of age, submit an application, successfully pass a Chino Police Department background check, participate in training and successfully pass horse/rider certification tests for mounted status.  For more information contact Corporal Jon Monroe at or email: or visit  


  • Police Chaplain - The Police Chaplains are appointed by the Chief of Police to be an aid to the Chino Police Officers and the Chino community, to provide spiritual guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis. Without attempting to moralize, evangelize, proselytize or criticize, the Police Chaplain strives to be a particularly close friend to the officers and citizens of Chino. The Chaplain offers guidance and assistance to people in crisis experiences, and also serves as a link for communication between people in crises and their own spiritual advisors.  They are aware of the fact that the Police Officer's job is an extremely difficult one, being potentially always in the presence of danger and constant pressure that can cause.  Because of this, they strive to create such a relationship with the Officer that he/she would feel free to turn to the Chaplain for counsel at any time.  Our Chaplains ride frequently with the Officers on patrol and they are on call at all times to assist in those cases where their counsel and advice might be helpful. Likewise, the Chaplains are available to the Officer's family and to all who are associated in any way with the Police Department.  Applicants must pass an application and background screening process prior to appointment.  If you are a local minister interested in the program please contact Sergeant Ted Olden at